Venmo @beyondfistula

(Venmo does not share your email with us, so please email admin@beyondfistula.org so that we can thank you, send you a tax donation receipt, and a basket from our program.)

Buy a Kiondo bag while supplies last! These beautiful, sustainably made, traditional Kenyan bags are crafted by fistula survivors in workshops taught by Vicky Ngari. Make your donation at the PayPal link above or via Venmo @beyondfistula, then send an email to admin@beyondfistula.org to let us know which basket you are interested in! Shipping is not included.

Small baskets $20 donation

Medium baskets $40-50 donation

Large baskets with handles $80-100 donation

  $5 provides two months of health insurance


Buy, cnvrt, color, lineal, payment, sale, wallet icon        $50 provides a business grant

Grocery Bag Vector Illustration by Alex Garey on Dribbble     $120 pays for a business or farm skills training + one week of groceries

Open Book Icon #pictograms #publishing | Icon design, Typography book       $500 pays for one school year

Education Icon PNG - Education Icon Vector, Education Icon White ...       $1200 pays for one year of room, board, and tuition for vocational college training – sewing, hairdressing, or catering

If you want to receive a handmade tote bag from a woman in our tailoring program in exchange for your donation of $40 or more, please write ‘tote bag’ and your address in the memo line!



I want to support women individually through Benevolent

Benevolent is a platform for charitable giving that connects donors and people in need. Many of the women in our program are fundraising through Benevolent to meet the needs that stand between them and a life beyond fistula. Benevolent protects donor information, so we might not know if you donate through this platform. However, you can rest assured that your gift is going toward the women in our programs! We’d love to personally thank you – so if you donate to Benevolent, please shoot us an email at admin@beyondfistula.org so we can reach out!


I want to support the youngest survivors pursuing education

Often fistula survivors have been out of school for a year or more because of their medical conditions. A scholarship helps these girls return to school.


I want to support women individually through DonorSee

DonorSee is an innovative fundraising platform working on a model of low cost and high impact. When the women in our programs fundraise on DonorSee, they share their individual stories and needs, so you can see exactly who is getting your donation and how it is changing her life.

I want to give in memory of Arlene and Ralph


Our hearts go out to our Co-Founder and Executive Director Debbie, who lost her mother Arlene recently. Arlene was a huge supporter of Beyond Fistula and her daughter. If you’d like to donate in her name, please click her photo above.