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Every little bit you give truly makes a woman’s life better – no amount is too small!

If you want to receive a tote bag in exchange for your donation of $40 or more, please write ‘tote bag’ and your address in the memo line!


Click HERE to support individual women through our partner Benevolent

Benevolent is a platform for charitable giving that connects donors and people in need. Many of the women in our program are fundraising through Benevolent to meet the needs that stand between them and a life beyond fistula. Most of the needs are less than $400, so just a handful of donors really adds up and helps immensely!


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Often fistula survivors have been out of school for a year or more because of their medical conditions. A scholarship helps these girls return to school.


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Join me in honoring my father’s life mission and remembering the way he gave of himself to the people around him.

– Deb, Beyond Fistula Co-founder and Executive Director