Scholarship Fund

Our scholarship program provides funds for young fistula survivors to return to primary or secondary school. Donations help these girls and women, who were previously outcasts, get an education and reconnect with others their age. Our scholarship program currently funds girls in 6th through 12th grade so they can attend boarding school. We are committed to sponsoring them through their graduation. We have partnered with The School Fund to help raise money to support scholarships for these girls.

Stepping Forward Program

Our Stepping Forward Program provides fistula survivors with vocational training in their choice of tailoring, hairdressing, catering, or computer skills. These skills help them become financially stable or even financially independent in the future, hugely assisting them in reintegrating with their communities as respected and contributing citizens. Women leave our vocational training program with expanded skill sets and opportunities to regain a normal life in their community. We partner with Benevolent to help the Stepping Forward Program graduates crowd fund the supplies they need to start their own businesses and begin making money.

Production Program

This is a vocational training program that provides an opportunity to learn a new skill, gain self-confidence, and earn a Fair Trade income by making tote bags and other items for sale, in an emotionally supported environment. Each woman is paid directly for her products, supporting a fair trade practice.